Vancouver IMPACTFest – 1 Day Conference – VR/AR/A.I

today September 10, 2024my_location3800 Wesbrook Mall - Vancouver, BC V6S 2L9


Vancouver IMPACTFest Conference

A business and educational conference in Vancouver, Canada.

The Vancouver IMPACTFest is the “first of it’s kind” educational and engaging conference to showcase the latest emerging technologies of; Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and A.I.

The Vancouver IMPACTFest includes in-depth educational workshops designed to inform business leaders, educators and youths on emerging technologies.

The Vancouver IMPACTFest Conference will:

* Provide inspiration to the local community for new technologies.
* Educate and inspire students, and disadvantaged and disengaged youths.
* Showcase the latest emerging tech for people with disabilities.
* Provide virtual reality experiences and games to entertain all ages.
* Present projects from local students in; VR / AR / A.I.
* Award scholarships and internships to local students and youths.
* Provide opportunities for local businesses, educators and youths to present their projects to a global audience.

Please contact us – [email protected]

Begin September 10, 2024 H 9:30 am
End September 10, 2024 H 6:30 pm
Location 3800 Wesbrook Mall - Vancouver, BC V6S 2L9
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