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Our target markets:

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Opportunities for Sponsorship: Global Business Conferences!

Individual Booth: Secure an exhibit table and position your company as a potential speaker to promote your organization at one or more of our worldwide business conferences!

Company Banners: Elevate your visibility with banners featuring your company logo during any or all our business conferences.

Promotion Across All Media: Benefit from extensive exposure as we announce your company through our online marketing, social media channels, local radio, print, and TV ads leading up to and during our business conference events. For those opting for our diamond sponsorship level, event naming rights can be customized to showcase your company’s name!


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We can create a 30 minute program and broadcast on TV in the U.S!

Leveraging the extensive reach of Public Broadcasting (PBS) across the United States, IMPACTFest’s seasoned film production team, boasting over 30 years of experience in documentary production, offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional TV advertising.

Our team can craft a 30-minute program designed to educate consumers about your offerings, all at a fraction of the cost associated with regular TV production. With our expertise and nationwide production facilities, we can efficiently incorporate your provided footage.

Showcase your company, along with 9 others, at each conference. We provide a dedicated booth with co-branding, allowing you to distribute promotional materials or feature your company.

Additionally, we’ll send email blasts to our extensive 1 million+ subscriber list and other exhibitors before each event.

Enjoy cost savings with our bundled conference packages and explore the opportunity to showcase your company globally through IMPACTFest. Customized packages, including single or multiple conferences, are available upon request.





Radio and TV Spots

Advertise with one of our world wide events on local television and radio and expand your branding reach online as well!

Bill Board Advertising

Expand your market reach through electronic billboard advertising in the same city as one of our events!

Social Media Marketing

Multiple ways to get your brand out to million, through our entire social media networks of sites and targeting posts.

Direct Marketing

Reach tens of thousands through our direct email and newsletter campaigns and Google / YouTube and Tik-Tok ad-buys.

Educational Technology events like no other!

Our IMPACTFest Educational Conferences and Workshops:

* Provide inspiration to the local community for new technologies
* Educate and inspire students, and disadvantaged and disengaged youths
* Showcase the latest emerging tech for people with disabilities
* Provide virtual reality experiences and games to entertain all ages
* Present projects from local students in; VR / AR / A.I and much more!
* Award scholarships and internships to local students and youths
* Provide opportunities for local businesses, educators and youths to present their products to a global audience.

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