Carlo Mendo

Film Producer

Carlo Mendo – Film Producer

Born of fire and radiant sun in the city of El Paso he is a poet, writer, manager, dreamer, artist, activist. He is the founder of the El Paso Permaculture group. EPPG’s goal is to help the community go back to those indigenous yet sophisticated ways of life. Permaculture runs on these three main values: caring for the earth, caring for people and the sharing of surplus. Starting in the summer of 2011,

Carlo and several members worked on creating their first garden in a downtown alley behind Loft Light Studio. Since then, they have taken a permaculture design course and shared their knowledge with several schools. Carlo has years of experience in show production, facility management, talent management, event coordination, publishing, and market research as well as graphic design, music writing, and business administration. In addition, he has worked in business consulting, as well as event planning of the most exclusive events in the Sun City. While most people think they are mending the world’s problems by contemplating light bulbs or buying “organic”, there are thousands of people making a more significant difference.

And out of those thousands there are a few dozen trail blazers. Making a difference in the world is the passion of Carlo. He has worked on numerous Permaculture projects that are slowly making a positive impact. Carlo Mendo is a permaculture consultant, designer and teacher. He holds a diploma in permaculture design. He has specialized in permaculture education, design, implementation, system establishment, administration and community development.

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