Jason Rigg-Mcpherson

Software Developer

Jason Rigg-Mcpherson – Software and Displays Developer

Executive Director of Technology StratosMedia – Jason has been working in the development of internet technology for the last 22 years. He started his career building ISP’s in Australia, and then moved into the then fledgling internet software development where he worked on developing technology for managing the backend systems of ISP’s With an in depth knowledge of networking and software development, Jason worked at Australia’s largest digital agency, as a senior solution architect for 10 years. His exposure to large scale rollouts and infrastructure design – as well as the constant change to technology has given him the ability to provide a unique insight into the next progression of the internet.

His last project before joining Stratosmedia was the development of a grid based computing platform that was a digital marketing service, providing a large scalable solution to processing millions of requests a minute and affecting marketing life cycle decisions in real time. Jason has worked on projects for companies like Qantas, Telstra, News Corp, Australia Post, The Australian government just to name a few. His current role at Stratosmedia is Executive Director of technology.

StratosMedia is a global software as a service provider for Connected digital out of home experiences. Specializing in Digital Media, Out of home media, and wifi services. He leads StratosMedia’s technical partnerships, research and co development teams with Google, Microsoft, Huawei and NEC. StratosMedia’s research is based in the areas of Wifi, 3-5g wireless, Machine learning and 4-8k video delivery platforms. Jason’s Specific Research Areas include; Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Video Compression, Radio Frequency Analytics/engineering Current Research Project. Signal Processing to detect humans and gestures using passive reception of 4g mobile frequencies.


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